Why I Hate Social Media

Updated: May 17, 2020

The past couple days my social media feed has been so reckless and chaotic, it reminded me why I always hated social media.

Let's talk about it.

I’m not a big fan of social media at all. Prior to creating my business the only form of social media I had was Twitter. I only used Twitter to say engaged with my school, school events, etc. I also used Twitter for news. Most of the world news I’m privy to comes from Twitter, what’s trending, articles, etc. To stay connected with school and the real world were the sole reasons I used that form of social media. It wasn’t until I created my brand that I realized the need for social media. With having a blog and a podcast, it's critical that I have almost every form of social media to promote my business and to interact with my supporters. Although I have to use social media for my business, I still have a strong disdain for it. I believe that social media has been more detrimental to society than positive. Social media has changed the way we think, communicate, act, etc, not only that but social media has normalized alot of things that were once taboo.


Reasons Why I Hate Social Media

1. Ruined Communication Skills

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate. We no longer know how to communicate effectively in person. We’re so used to interacting with people via the internet, that in person interactions are sometimes awkward.

2. Changed The Dating World

This ties into communication skills. The dating world has completely changed. It’s almost rare to meet people organically anymore. Sliding in the dm is the new norm. It’s more common to meet people via the internet than in person. I miss the days when going to the coffee shop, for example, was the way to interact and meet new people. Today, it’s more likely that the person you saw at the coffee shop will find your social media & message you afterwards.

3. Obligated To Give Your 2 Cents

Social media has given people the false impression that they HAVE to & have the RIGHT to comment on everything. Everybody feels obligated to give their 2cents on any and every topic or situation that comes up, whether it’s their business or not. Social media gave people the false comfortability to be opinionated about somebody they don’t know, not to mention the comments are rarely positive or uplifting. Hidden behind the “That’s what twitter is for” mentality.

4. Hate/Trolling

Trolling is something social media created. My definition of trolling is posting/making content with the intent of arousing the public & getting a reaction. Trolling isn’t always negative, sometimes funny jokes and memes are the result of trolls. The most known troller is Tekashi 6ix9ine. Tekashi 6ix9ine used trolling to further his rap career and to gain notoriety. The infamous rapper trolled by making public comments referencing other artists along with other antics that caused him to go viral. 69 is not the only one who trolls. Normal people do it too. The timeline is full of trollers. Everyday there’s trolling happening, people posting offensive comments labeling them jokes & banter. Social media has made it acceptable to be a hater & a troller.

5. Cyber Bullying

Hating/Trolling is directly related to cyberbullying. Social media created cyberbullying. Everyday someone new is being trolled or bullied on the timeline, as of late it’s been Lizzo. The other day it was Debby Ryan. Society has no boundaries, we feel no shame in writing derogatory, untrue & offensive comments, particularly about people we don’t personally know. We Mask it behind “that’s what twitter is for” or “y’all too sensitive.” We’ve clearly forgotten that behind every keyboard and cellular device is a real person, who has feelings.

6. Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a relatively new concept created by society and social media. My definition of cancel culture is society/social media impulsively canceling somebody, cutting support from them, bashing them etc. With cancel culture people are quick to find and use old tweets, posts, situations, etc. to crucify somebody and to ruin their reputation beyond repair. This culture doesn’t give people the opportunity to change. Once somebody is “cancelled” they never have the opportunity to redeem themselves & overcome it. I’m not sure who gave society the authority to cancel somebody without giving them a chance for redemption.

7. Going Viral/ Clout Chasing

Going viral is what created trollers. Everybody wants to go viral. Social media has created a bunch of fake influencers and content creators who want to be known. It’s all about attention and being famous, from the you-tubers who do the crazy, absurd pranks to the social media trollers who give wild, most times controversial and offensive takes for attention. It’s all about that one thing that will give them clout.

8. Fakers

Social media has created a false reality. It’s easy to get caught up and to forget that social media isn't real. Beyond twitter, facebook and instagram, there is a real world. People get caught up in the likes, the retweets, the shares, the amount of followers and friends, etc, forgetting that none of it really matters. It’s not real. I often see people I know personally, portraying themselves on social media in a way that is completely different from who I know them to be in real life. Social media allows people to create whatever idea of themselves they want. People will portray themselves in a specific way, just to appeal to society.


Those are my 8 reasons why I hate social media. I have plenty more, but I'll spare you. While I do believe social media has been detrimental to society, social media does have some advantages. For the sake of being fair, in the next post I will talk about how social media has furthered society in a positive way.


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