When you choose to perfect your craft why does that mean you give up your right to privacy?

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This photo was taken backstage at Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour on July 27th, 2016. The canadian star, born Aubrey Graham, known for his billboard hit Hotline Bling.I know y'all had the captions for days after that song.

I anticipate that some people will be offended and not a big fan of HeavieTalk by the end of this post but that’s HeavieTalk Straight Talk No Chaser for you..


One of my biggest pet peeves is people who obsess over celebrities.

I'm not referring to the mega Lebron fans, who defend their “Lebron is better than MJ” argument passionately.

Nor am I talking about fanbases like the Beyhive or the Navy.

I have a bone to pick with the people who sit on the ShadeRoom all day and write passionate commentary. I always found those people to be weird. How do you passionately give your 2 cents, with think-you-know information you got from the ShadeRoom?

Every Jayda - Lil Baby tiff leads to a timeline full of as a matter of fact paragraphs.


This post is for the people who felt entitled to know Drake had a child. I’m calling out the folks who feel comfortable commenting on the life of somebody they have never seen or met, but think they know personally because of info seen or heard on the internet. My beef is with society for creating the illusion being a “celebrity” absolves all privacy. When did society normalize entitlement to celebrities?

When I think about this topic I usually conclude with these two questions:

Are celebrities not humans, who deserve the same privacy we do?

What gives us entitlement to their lives?


I often think about what kind of journalist I want to be and the content I want to create. I want to stay true to myself and my morals by respecting the privacy of others, but I still want to do my job; As a journalist by finding all the facts to create the story. I still struggle with figuring out what kind of journalist I will be because of the current landscape of society. In large part because of Media platforms like the Shaderoom & TMZ that produce the content they do, because of societal demand.

Without the demand Platforms like the ShadeRoom and TMZ created to invade and inform on private lives wouldn't be thriving. “Black culture news” is the description given to the slatious ShadeRoom despite it covering nonsense topics like Gherbo Babymama Drama, NBA AngryBoy’s Love & HipHop storyline life & other personal gossip. It’s obvious that society loves the drama. We especially live for the drama and gossip about the people we’ve deemed “untouchable” and “perfect.” Some feel entitled to it even; Entitled to know, entitled to comment.

Drake vs. Pusha T. revealed these two things.

The entitlement society feels to be informed and the normalization by society of this entitlement and invasion of privacy.


Pusha T vs. Adidas vs. Drake proved that celebrity status, cancels having any privacy, boundaries or secrets. In a rap battle between Drake and Good Music artist Pusha T, Pusha revealed Drake has a son named Adonis. This revelation broke the internet. “DRAKE HAS A SON” was literally trending. I read dozens of passionate tweets calling Drake an “absent father” along with other comments judging his character, all because he chose not to reveal his son to the world.

Why was this even a headline? Why does he owe anyone an update?

The dozens of tweets I read about Drake are the same kind of tweets I read about Kylie Jenner when she finally revealed the birth of her daughter Stormie, genuine comments of outrage and disbelief.

Being a “celebrity” does not require them to reveal every aspect of their life. 

Why is it that when they choose to perfect their craft they seemingly forfeit the right to privacy and a normal life?

Why is it that just because fans experience and support their craft at the elitist level they feel an entitlement?

Just because I’m Drake doesn’t mean I’m not Aubrey...

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