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Weekend Recap: Volume 7

Happy Monday.

It’s the start of a new week.

This weekend was action packed from more statue removals to the vibes set by the 2020 BET Awards to thousands celebrating LGBTQ+ pride.

All eyes are still focused on the recent reamplified Black Lives Matter Movement and the 3 month and counting pandemic caused by COVID-19. BLM protests have continued across the country in wake of the murder of George Floyd. Although, the police officers involved in the the murder of George Floyd have been charged, there are still calls for justice in the deaths of Breonna Taylor and others.

The 2020 BET Awards kicked off with a performance from Nas, Rapsody, Chuck D and other artists paying tribute to Black Lives Matter and all those who have been killed due to police brutality. As the movement and fight for social justice continues, protests and social activists have focused their attention on removing confederate statues that represent a history of white supremacy.

While social activists and BLM supporters are fighting for our basic rights and freedoms in America, Karen’s have been wreaking havoc across the nation, fighting for their “right” to not wear a mask.

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic with surges in new infections continuing to be reported, from viral videos posted to social media “Karen’s” have been seen throwing tantrums and verbally abusing customer service workers for being asked to put a mask on. Unbelievable.

A new spike in cases across several U.S states has caused some states to phase back their reopening and some cities have implemented stay at home orders along with curfews and other restrictions. With new infections being reported in record numbers in states like Florida, Arizona and Texas, there is now a concern that a second outbreak is brewing.

Although, COVID-19 is still active, other aspects of the world are still moving forward. This weekend, the NBA finalized plans to resume the 2020 season on July 30th in Orlando. The deal was finalized on the heels of Florida reporting 141,075 positive cases on Sunday.

Two Airlines have returned to business as usual, dropping all of their social distancing guidelines, allowing full occupancy on their planes. American Airlines and United Airlines are the first airlines to announce they will allow their planes to be fully booked.

There was so much to keep up with this weekend.

Let’s do a recap.

Trending News

1. COVID-19

The number of new cases and infections has continued surge in the last two weeks with over 10 million cases globally reported on Sunday by John Hopkins University. Brazil, Russia and the United States are the countries being most impacted. America leads the pack with close to 2,510,312 reported cases of infections and nearly 123,539 deaths. States have continued to record a serge in new cases with only two states reporting a decline in new cases, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Texas, Florida and Arizona three of the first states to reopen, have been most impacted with new infections. Some states being most affected by this second outbreak are beginning to phase back their reopening and are considering reinstating stay at home orders. Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis has put restrictions in place. His first move to stop the spread is prohibiting bars from selling alcohol, after reporting 9,585 new cases, similar to the number of cases New York reported in April.

The state has not implemented a new stay at home order yet but in an interview with BBC on Saturday Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez, hinted at that potential that a new order will be implemented.

“We may have to, at some point, implement a stay at home order.”

Right now the Mayor’ approach is making sure people are wearing masks.

“Right now we are penalizing those who don’t wear masks.”

Although the mayor is recommending that people wear mask, Florida’a governor maintains he will not require citizens to wear masks. Texas is another state state who’s reported a record spike in new cases. In attempt to stop the spread, Texas governor Greg Abbott has paused their next phrase of reopening and has placed restrictions on bars and restrictions requiring them to limit capacity to 50%. Restaurants had previously operated at 75% capacity and bars at 50% capacity. Most health professionals attribute the spike in new cases as a result of governor’s reopening their economies too early.

The Governor of Texas seems to agree in an interview with an ABC New affiliate:

“If I could go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the re-opening of bars.. go to bars to get close and to drink and to socialize, and that’s the kind of thing that stokes the spread of the coronavirus.”

2. Confederate Statues

In wake of the protests and riots that erupted across the country in response to the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, many have turned their attention to the different confederate symbols still standing that represent white supremacy and racism in America. 31 of the 50 U.S states have confederate statues, these statues have recently been the target of destruction and vandalization by Protestors and social activists. Government officials in several states have even supported the idea by voting to remove them. President Trump has taken a strong stance against the removal of Confederate statues.


The 2020 BET Awards were held on Sunday. During the awards, Lil Wayne paid tribute to Kobe Bryant with a performance. Beyonce was also honored by receiving the 2020 Humanitarian Award. Throughout the show, artists also paid tribute to Black Lives Matter with an opening performance from Nas, Raspody and others. DaBaby , John Legend and Jennifer Hudson are among those who paid tribute to BLM during their performance.

Breaking News

1. House votes to approve statehood for D.C

On Friday, The House of Representatives voted 232-180 to make Washington D.C a state. Although this is the first time either chamber has had success in progressing the measure for statehood , it is unlikely to go any other. No republicans voted in favor of the measure, making it unlikely that it will pass in the Senate. Members on both sides have completely different takes on the measure. Republicans, including President Trump who said he would veto the bill if it came to his desk, sees the measure as Democrats attempting to obtain more seats in the House and Senate.

In an interview with the New York Times last month, President Trump voiced his opinion on the measure:

“Never happen unless we have some very, very stupid Republicans.”

He added:

“DC will never be a state… You mean District of Columbia, a state? Why? So we can have two more Democratic — Democrat senators and five more congressmen? No thank you. That’ll never happen.”

Democrats have continued to push back, maintaining their motives for statehood comes after President Trump mobilized federal law enforcement in response to thousand protesting the systemic racism in America.

On Thursday prior to vote, Mayor of Washington D.C Muriel Bowser offered his support by the measure by saying:

“Not only do we not have voting senators and our congresswoman not have the right to vote, the whims of the federal government can encroach on our even limited autonomy, and it can do so in ways that are threats to all of the American states and all of the American people.. Let’s fight back against the cries that we’re too liberal or we’re too black or there are too many Democrats. Who we elect is our business, and the business of America is to make sure that each person is represented fully in this House and in the Senate of the United States of America.”

2. Airlines stop social distancing

This weekend American Airlines and United Airlines informed customers that planes will now be booked to full capacity, dropping all social distancing guidelines. Because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 all airlines had previously limited their booking capacity to less than 50%, not allowing any middle seats to be booked. Despite the surge in new cases, both airlines have decided to abandon social distancing guidelines. American and United Customers across the country expressed outrage with this decision.

Today’s Quote:

“I have the grace, strength and faith to endure.”

I’m a firm believer in Christ. A big part of my journey with my faith is realizing that offenses will come. God never said offenses wouldn’t come, he only promised that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. When the offenses, tribulations & hardships start to arise in your life, this is the time to lock down & hold on to your faith. My constant prayer request to God is asking him to equip me with the grace, strength & faith to endure. Part of being a Christian is having faith. Once you ask for something in prayer you must believe that it’s better received & it will be yours. .

“Thou he slay me, yet will I trust in him.”

Jobs 13:15

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