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Weekend Recap: Volume 22

Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a new year.

  1. New Vaccine

  2. Speaker of the House

  3. Georgia Senate Run-off elections

  4. Bitcoin surges to $30,000

  5. Paul Ryan discusses GOP election overturn attempts

Let’s do a recap.


Vaccine Registry

With most countries currently rolling out their immunization plans, Spain has found a controversial way to keep up with people who refuse to take the vaccine. Spain’s Health minister Salvador Illa announced the country will keep a registry of all citizens who refuse to take the vaccine.

Spain maintains citizens are not required to take the vaccine. They are creating the registry in hopes of learning why citizens are against it in order to share with other Europena countries.

The registry will be not made public and those listed will remain anonymous.

Early on in the pandemic, Spain was an epicenter for the virus, with almost 2 million cases reported. Spain still has nighttime curfews and other restrictions in place to ensure public safety.


Speaker of the House

Democrat Nancy Pelosi was re-elected as Speaker of House on Sunday evening. Pelosi won with 217 votes to Rep. Mike McCarthy 209 votes who had unanimous support from Republicans.

This is Pelosi’s 4th nonconsecutive term as Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan’s statement on election 2020

Former speaker of the House Paul Ryan made a rare statement this weekend about GOP attempts to overturn electoral votes.

The legal process was exhausted, and the results were decisively confirmed. The Department of Justice, too, found no basis for overturning the result. If states wish to reform their processes for future elections, that is their prerogative. But Joe Biden’s victory is entirely legitimate.

He added:

It is difficult to conceive of a more anti-democratic and anti-conservative act than a federal intervention to overturn the results of state-certified elections and disenfranchise millions of Americans.

Breaking News

New COVID-19 Vaccine

The UK is once again leading the charge with vaccine immunization after approving another vaccine for emergency use. 82-year-old dialysis patient Brian Pinker became the first person to receive a jab of the Oxford Astra Zeneca Czovid19 vaccine on Monday morning.

The Oxford Astra Seneca was approved in late December of last year just as COVID-19 cases started to surge across most of Europe again. The rollout of a new vaccine comes at a perfect time with the UK struggling to control the new strain of COVID-19 found.

Just last the UK announced they would delay the second round of doses to almost 4 weeks instead of 31 days in order to give more people a chance to get the first dose.

More than 50,000 new cases were reported for the sixth straight day across the UK.

Senate Runoff Elections

Early voting officially ended in Georgia on December 31st. The polls will open on January 5th in Georgia for Senate runoff elections.

Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff are in tight runoff races recent polls are showing.

Voters will also be participating in a special election between Rev. Raphael Warnock and Sen. Kelly Loeffler whom Governor Brian Kemp appointed to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Close to 3 million Georgians have already early voted in an election that will decide the fate of the Senate.


This is not at all my area of expertise but I’ll give it a whirl.

Bitcoin surged $30,000 for the first time ever to start the year. Investors and traders believe this is just the beginning for Bitcoin who they predict soon will be a mainstream payment method.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that grew in popularity in 2020.


“First NFL Player to be paid in Bitcoin”

The headline was wrong.

Okung Russell was not paid in Bitcoin despite what most headlines read.

The Carolina Panthers confirmed their players are paid in US dollars. People familiar with the situation believe Russel is converting some of his salary to bitcoin.

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