Weekend Recap: Volume 17

Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a new week..

Volume 17

After weeks of chaos, this weekend seemed to slow down a bit.

  1. New Music Friday

  2. Ice Cube controversy

  3. COVID-19 updates

  4. World War 2 bomb explodes

  5. Man dangling from Trump Tower in Chicago

Let’s do a recap.


New Music Friday

New music on Friday is a guarantee. This weekend was full of new music. Benny The Butcher, PartyNextDoor, Gucci Mane, Young Bleu, Drake & Nicki Minaj all dropped new music on Friday.

The R&B vibes were set this weekend. PartyNextDoor dropped some music. After years of waiting for tracks like “Persian Rugs” to be accessible on DSP’s, the time has finally come. Partynextdoor gave his fans long-awaited tracks.

Young Bleu and Drake collaborated on a remix to give fans a new R&B hit called “You’re Mines Still.”

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane dropped a new album “So Icy Gang.”

My weekly goal is to listen to at least, one new artist. This week I discovered Benny The Butcher. He’s not new to the music game, he’s just new to me. I stumbled across him after hearing about his new album “Burden of Proof.”

Trump Tower

After 13 long hours, the situation at Trump Tower in Chicago has been resolved.

Early Sunday evening, a man in his early 20’s was seen dangling from Trump Tower, threatening to jump if he didn’t speak to President Trump.

According to authorities, the man used a climbing harness for his mission. The situation was “peacefully” resolved sometime Sunday night, the man has been taken into police custody.

Ice Cube controversy

Ice Cube has been the center of controversy after news broke this weekend that he was working with the Trump administration on his “promise to Black America” plan.

Trump’s advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted:

The former N.W.A rapper immediately faced some backlash, especially from the Black Community.

Ice Cube, who has spoken out to condemn racism and white supremacy, immediately tweeted in defense of himself, emphasizing that he is willing to work with anyone who will help his ‘people.’

Breaking News

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the country, as we mark almost 9 months of this pandemic.

Despite America continuing to reopen, resembling some forms of normalcy, the number of infections have only increased in the United States.

Coronavirus infections in the United States have increased by more than one million in a month. On average 700 Americans die every day, as the U.S reaches almost 8 million cases.

The Midwest has been the hardest hit by the second wave of the virus. States like Wisconsin have become the new epicenter for the virus, with intensive care units reporting 90% percent capacity.

World War 2 Bomb Explodes

A bomb that was dropped in Poland by Great Britain during World War 2 exploded causing thousands to evacuated their homes.

The Polish navy was tasked with disarming the biggest bomb ever to be found in Poland nearly 200 years after Royal Air Force it.

The Tallboy” also known as the earthquake bomb, was sitting dormant for decades, before it exploded in a canal near Swinoujscie. No injures or damages have been reported.

Make sure you are registered to vote.

The deadline to register has ended in some states.

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Huge WWII Tallboy bomb explodes in canal in Poland

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