Weekend Recap: Volume 14

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a new week..

Volume 14

This weekend was full of news.

With the return of the NFL, this weekend finally resembled some forms of normalcy. Sports news headlined the weekend along with more coronavirus updates, election news, and other major headlines.

  • Rona vs. Flu Season

  • New Music Friday

  • State of emergency

  • Tiktok rejects Microsoft's offer

  • Israel imposes strict lockdown

  • COVID-19 updates

  • NFL Week 1

  • Possible vaccine available in October

Let’s do a recap.


State of Emergency

Hurricane season is upon us. After 2005’s deadly Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana is bracing for its tropical storm system this hurricane season.

This has been a record-breaking hurricane season. For only the second time in history, there are currently five active tropical storm cyclones in the Atlantic ocean. The only other time this happened was in 1971.

Hurricane Paulette, Hurricane Sally, Tropical Storm Teddy, Tropical Storm Vicky, and Tropical Depression Rene are all active systems in the Atlantic Ocean right now.

Hurricane Sally, which is set to impact Louisiana with a potential of $6billion in damages is expected to make landfall on Tuesday or Wednesday. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has already declared a state of emergency.

Flu season

With flu season approaching, the U.S's top infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci expressed concern with the current state of COVID-19 in America.

In a panel discussion with doctors at “Harvard Medical School,” Dr. Fauci urged the United States to remain cautious as the number of coronavirus cases continues to surge.

We've been through this before...

He continued..

Don't ever, ever underestimate the potential of the pandemic. And don't try and look at the rosy side of things.

He also discussed the latest developments into a coronavirus vaccine, stating that a vaccine will likely be completed by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

NFL Week 1

The NFL is back. NFL games officially resumed on Thursday with the first game kicking off between the Texans Chiefs and the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the first game of the season, the current NFL Champions took the W; Winning 34-20 Chiefs.

The game didn’t go without controversy. Fans booed as players, referees and coaches locked arms in unity. Week 1 continues with two Monday night football games.

Breaking News

Israel imposes second nationwide lockdown