Weekend Recap: Volume 13

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Volume 13

This weekend was full of bbq’s, parades, and other festivities as thousands celebrated Labor Day as beautiful weather capped the end of the summer.

  1. New Music Friday

  2. California wildfires

  3. Record-breaking heat

  4. Trump Boat Parade

  5. 100 days of demonstrations in Portland, Oregon

  6. John Boyega vs. Disney

  7. R.I.P Daniel Prude

  8. The NBA Playoffs

  9. Tyler Perry becomes billionaire

Catching Up

Despite this being a holiday weekend, the news was still heavy. Thousand celebrated Labor Day weekend with barbeques, parades, and other festivities amid the ongoing pandemic.

The holiday weekend started with new music on Friday. As usual, the tradition continued with new music from Big Sean and long-awaited music from Bryson Tiller. Known for hit debut album Trapsoul. New music set the vibes for the weekend with other new music from Sza, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Durk, and others.

The NBA playoffs continued in the bubble this holiday weekend at the ESPN sports complex in Florida. 8 teams remain left to battle for the NBA Championship.

Current Match-ups

  1. Bucks vs. Heat

  2. Lakers vs. Rockets

  3. Celtics vs. Raptors

  4. Nuggets vs. Clippers

A Trump Boat Parade interrupted Labor day celebrations on Saturday afternoon after several boats sank during a boat parade.

Record-breaking heat in California over the weekend sparked wildfires across the state, with some counties reporting a record high of 125 degrees.

Despite it being a holiday weekend, protests continued across several states after the deaths of Daniel Prude, Breonna Taylor, and the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Let’s do a recap.


New Music Friday

The tradition of new music Friday continued with new music from Big Sean, Ty Dolla Sign, Sza & others.

On Friday, Ty Dolla Sign the king of features, continued his run with a new song with Sza. Sza who is known for his classic album CTRL. Bryson Tiller finally dropped some new music.

  1. Detroit rapper Big Sean or the Don released a new album titled “Detroit 2” The 21-song project features Post Malone, Jhene Aiko, Travis Scott, Diddy, and the late Nipsey Hussle.

  2. Chicago rapper Lil Durk dropped a new song called “The Voice” He reportedly releasing an album soon.

  3. After years of nearly no new song, Bryson Tiller dropped a new song called “Inhale” Many fans were underwhelmed… including me.

  4. R&B Soul singer Ari Lennox released a new song “If You Want Me To Stay”

Trump Boat Parade

More than 2,000 people gathered at a boat parade in Texas to show support for President Trump and his re-election campaign. The trump boat parade was interrupted after lake patrol units responded to reports of several boats in distress. Luckily, everyone was safely rescued. No injures were reported.

Tyler Perry becomes a billionaire

51-year old Tyler Perry from New Orleans, Louisiana, known for his “classic” films Why Did I Get Married, Madea’s Big Happy Family, and others, is now a billionaire.

Congratulations to Tyler Perry. This a huge achievement.

Now that Tyler Perry has achieved this level of success it’s time to discuss his legacy of work.

John Boyega vs. Disney

British-Nigeran actor John Boyega known for his role in Star Wars has criticized Disney in a new interview with GQ.

In the interview, Boyega expressed feeling sidelined by Disney after they marketed his “black character” and “portrayed” him to be “much more important than he was.”

Full interview

NBA Playoffs Round 2

Although every NBA series has been interesting from start to finish, matchups between the Lakers-Rockets and Bucks-Heat have been the most compelling in Round 2.

In the eastern conference, the overall #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks were down 3-1 after Game 3 on Friday night. Jimmy Butler has been the highlight of the series. Butler previously played for the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Philadelphia 76ers before signing with the Heat.

The Bucks barely escaped elimination in Game 4 on Sunday without Giannis who suffered an ankle injury early in Game 3. Game 5 will be played Tuesday night.

The Miami Heat only need to win one more game to advance tot he next round. The winner of the Miami-Heat series will face the winner of the Boston-Raptors series.

In the Western Conference, the Rockets-Lakers series is currently tied at 1-1.

The Houston Rocekts won Game 1 on Friday night 112-97, after defeating the Oklahoma Thunder in Game 7 on Wednesday night 104-102.

Daniel Prude

Protests have erupted across Rochester and other parts of New York after body camera footage of the death of Daniel Prude was released.

On March 23 police were responding to a 911 call of a mental health emergnecy from Prude’s brother. In the bodycam video, Daniel Prude is seen naked in street with a bag over his head, as officers pin him down until he was lifeless. He died in the hospital a week later.

Today, as protests continue to occur across the country, Rochesors police department leaders have resigned.

Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary announced that he will be retiring after 20 years on the police force and deputy Chief Joesph Morabito also announced his retirement in a media release on Tuesday.

The officers involved still have not been arrested.

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