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Volume 1 | Weekend News Recap: 4 Headlines You Missed Because of BleachGate

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Happy Monday.

It’s the start of a new week.

I had a great weekend, actually. I got a dose of sports which made perked. my mood. I’ve been missing sports alot recently. If you’ve scrolled through my website, you know I’m a sports fanatic. Basketball and football are my two favorite sports, with football taking the cake as my ultimate favorite.

So you already know I really enjoyed this weekend because it was the 2020 NFL Draft. This weekend gave us sports lovers. the slight glimpse of sports that we’ve been needing. After my Green Bay Packers drafted a quarterback in the first round, instead of important pieces like a CB, S or WR, I found myself looking for a new team. I’m sick of the Packers disappointing me every draft and free agency. Especially, when rival teams like the Cowboys are acquiring more weapons on the field. The Cowboys were the talk of NFL Draft Day 1 and not because of the caliber of their draft picks. The girlfriends were the talk of the 2020 NFL draft, specifically new Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb and his girlfriend. A video of the couple was the talk of the weekend..


The girlfriends, President Trump and bleach were the big new headlines this weekend, so much so that other important news may have been missed.

Did you know that Georgia has opened barber shops, nail shops and body art studios over the weekend?

Are you aware that President Trump threatened to withhold coronavirus aid to the U.S Postal Service?

This weekend had so much nonsense news that we all missed the important headlines.

Lets do a recap.

Weekend Headlines

1. CeeDee

Thursday, April 23rd was the first day of the 2020 NFL Draft. Because of social distancing guidelines the draft occurred virtually. As the draft rolled on, we watched live, as athletes waited with their families at home for the crucial phone call. CeeDee Lamb, a former WR for the University of Oklahoma, received his call from the Dallas Cowboys. This accomplishment was overshadowed by the viral video of him and his girlfriend. In the video, CeeDee was on a phone call, while a second phone in his lap started ringing. His presumed girlfriend, seated next to him, proceeded to grab and answer the phone. CeeDee was shown snatching the phone back from her, live. Viewers were quick to upload the video to social media and create the plethora of different narratives. It really shows what we deem important and newsworthy.

2. North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un dead

TMZ, ABC & New York Times represented the slue of news stations who reported North Korean’s dictator, Kim Jong-un’s death. The 36- year old boisterous leader of North Korea reportedly died from a botched heart surgery. This news comes months after the United States received threats and acts of aggression from the country and its leader. After the headline broke, it was later reported that China sent medical experts to advise and record the health of the North Korean dictator. It is still unclear whether he died.

3. President Trump says drink bleach

During a press conference on Thursday, April 23rd, geared towards settling public worry over the coronavirus, President Trump made the absurd remark. He suggested that medical experts study the idea of people injecting disinfectant to kill the virus. Instead of walking back his comments, after his remarks claimed every news headline, he doubled down, claiming he was being sarcastic

4. Chicago House Party

On Sunday, April 26th, I woke up to a viral video of a house party in Chicago, Illinois that occurred the previous day. In the video, hundreds of people are seen crammed in a downstairs kitchen partying. Some people were seen with masks on, but there were only a few who had them on. This party comes days after Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker extended the state’s stay at home order through May 30th. Clearly, those attending the party are not adhering to the Governor’s order and following social distancing guidelines.

Missed Headlines

1. NBA reopened practice facilities

The NBA lifted restrictions and reopened facilities, in areas where stay at home orders have been eased. This decision is the result of star players expressing that they do not have adequate equipment to stay in shape and train at home. Effective May 1st, the NBA will open its practice facilities, in some areas for individual workouts. Group workouts are not allowed because social distancing guidelines are still in place. This is a big step towards getting basketball back.

2. House passes $484 billion relief bill

This bill will help those who benefit from the small business loan program who need to the funds to pay their employees. In addition to funding the small business loan program, the bill provides $75 billion for hospitals, $25 billion for testing and $60 billion for emergency disaster grants and loans.

3. Governor of Georgia reopens state

Governor of Georgia, Brain Kemp made the decision to reopen certain businesses within his state, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed. Effective today April 27th, restaurants, theaters, private social clubs, barber shops, nail salons and body art studios reopened. Despite the Georgia governor lifting some of the coronavirus restrictions, some businesses refused to open. The Catholic Dioceses and the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist church are two of many churches who choose not to open despite Governor Brian Kemp’s decision.

4. President Trump says he will block coronavirus aid for U.S Postal Service

On Friday, April 24th , President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, "the U.S Postal Service is a joke." The U.S Postal Service is set to receive a $10 billion line of credit from Congress for Coronavirus aid. President Trump has threatened to withhold the aid if the U.S Postal Service does not raise the rate on packages. Trump alleges that current prices are too low and need to be increased 4 times the current amount. It is unclear whether he will really withhold the aid.

News Today

1. Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed Joe Biden for president Monday morning. The video was first reported by the Washington Post, it was taken from Joe Biden's youtube channel. Nancy Pelosi is among many top Democrats who have endorsed the former Vice President. Former President Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden earlier this month.

2. Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to open state on Thursday.

Despite the recommendations of medical experts to respect social distancing guidelines, Texas and other states have begin to reopen. Governor Abbott announced that he plans to reopen malls, theaters, stores and restaurants on Friday, but prohibits occupancy from exceeding 25%.


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