Volume 4 | Weekend News Recap: 100,000 Cruise Ship Members Stuck At Sea



Happy Monday.

It’s the start of a new week.

This weekend was chill, nothing too crazy or salacious occurred. The timeline was pretty dead.

There wasn’t much happening on my feed this weekend, I attribute that to everyone being outside because of the warm weather.

After most states and cities lifted their stay at home orders this past week, despite the warning from medical health professionals, people have wasted no time resuming normal activities. No more wolfing for the fellas, the barber shops have reopened. The ladies are back to getting glammed up with the reopening of nail salons, lash parlors and beauty salons. The warm weather this weekend did nothing but distract us from the still rampant coronavirus. Myrtle Beach in Virginia reopened this weekend, welcoming thousands of beachgoers. I was shocked and appalled to see most of my followers out and about, at the beach, cookouts and barbecues not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. The careless actions of this weekend’s beachgoers and bbq throwers did nothing but expose just how long this pandemic will go on.

Weekend festivities along with a new Verzuz battle between Nelly and Ludcaris highlighted this weekend. On Saturday, Verzuz presented another battle between Grammy award winning producers Nelly and Ludcaris. The Verzuz battle wasn’t all that happened this weekend. New music dropped this weekend. Toxic king Future released new music that had the fellas geeking, along with a new project from Chicago rapper Polo G. Those were the top headlines this weekend.

A couple important things didn’t hit the timeline.

Did you know that the FBI found a link between an al-Qaida operative and Navy shooting gunman?

Let’s do a recap.

Top Headlines

1. New Music Friday

On new music Friday, Future and Polo G both released new music. Future dropped a new 21-song project on titled “High Off Life.” The album featured artists Travis Scott, YoungBoy, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake and others. Future’s new project is projected to do 175,000 -180,000 in its first week. Chicago rapper Polo G dropped his sophomore project titled “The Goat” with 16 songs. The album featured Lil Baby, Mustard and the late Juice Wrld.

2. Verzuz Battle: Nelly vs. Ludcaris

On Saturday more than 400,000 viewers tuned into the latest Verzuz battle between Nelly and Ludcaris on Instagram live. The battle didn’t flow without incident, as Nelly experienced Wifi signal issues that caused many delays, but after while the show went on. This battle was just another edition of Verzuz presented by producers Swizz Beatz and Timberland.

3. Little Fires Everywhere” director Lynn Shelton dies at 54

Lynn Shetlton, publicist Adam Kersh, said in a statement on Saturday, that the talent director passed from an unidentified blood disorder at age 54. Most recently, she directed four episodes of the new hit Hulu show “Little Fires Everywhere” starring Reese Witherspoon & Kerry Washington.

Missed Headlines

1. Link found between al-Qaida operative and Navy shooting gunman

On Monday, the FBI revealed they linked the gunman who killed three U.S sailors with al-Qaida operatives. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, who killed three U.S Navy sailors at a military base in Florida, communicated with al-Qaida operatives months prior to planning his attack. This new information comes after law enforcement succeeded in breaking into two cellphones that Apple failed to help unlock.

2. Trump fires State Dept. Inspector General

In a letter sent to Nancy Pelosi, President Trump announced his removal of State Department Inspector Steve A. Linick. President Trump wrote:

it is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as Inspectors General

Mr. Linick had recently opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mr. Pompeo for reportedly misusing a State Department political appointee to perform personal tasks for him and his wife.

3. More than 100,000 crew members remain trapped at sea because of COVID-19

Nearly two months after the cruise industry shut down amid Covid-19 outbreaks, more than 100,000 crew members are still stuck at sea. Nearly a dozen cruise ships are sailing back and forth, in a strip of the ocean that stretches from Miami to Cuba and to Northeast of the Bahamas unable to undock because of fear of COVID-19 outbreaks. Passengers were allowed to leave the cruise ships in late April. Crew members are still stuck at sea despite no longer receiving may paychecks or being notified when they can return home. Two crew members on board have committed suicided as a result of their circumstances.

4. The NFL proposes that teams receive a boost to a 3rd-round draft pick if they hire a minority as HC or GM

According to a source, NFL Owners are to vote on a resolution that would give owners an incentive to hire minorities. The NFL has failed to comment or release an agenda for Tuesday’s virtual owners meeting, but owners will reportedly discuss whether to give incentives to NFL teams who hire minorities for head coaching and other positions. Roger Goode acknowledged the need for more minorities hiring during his State of the League address months ago. Currently, only 2 of 32 General Managers are currently held by people of color. This offseason out of the five coaching vacancies, only one was filled by a person of color.

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