“Your gift will take you to places that your mind isn’t ready for, that your character isn’t ready for, that your self perception isn’t ready for. As a result, you will reject the blessing. The whole problem is fear.” -TD JAKES.





For months, I held back on rising to the next level..

Fear consumed me.

Fear of failure, fear of taking the next step & fear created subconscious thoughts of

You can’t do it.

You’re not skilled enough.

Nobody will pay attention anyway.

I stayed a stagnant, underachiever because I choose comfort instead of believing in myself & stepping out of my comfort zone.

I knew and felt in my heart that HeavieTalk was for my seed to plant and harvest but I couldn’t get past all of my self-doubt, self-perception and fears. . As with all other things, I turned to my God, where I get my guidance from. In doing so, I came across a sermon by TD Jakes.

6 Irrational Beliefs

The Full Sermon

His message was:

“Sometimes life will offer you a blessing, but because you still perceive yourself as being in the back, you’re not ready to receive the blessing on this next level of life not because of external conflict, but because of irrational beliefs you have..”

He listed 6 Irrational Beliefs that stop people from rising to the next level:

1. Undeserving – I don’t deserve it.

This belief often comes from things people have said about you, that you consequently convinced yourself to believe.

2. Ordinary – I want to fit in.

You don’t want to stand apart or be different. You’re afraid to take the lead & become a target.

3. Social Change – I sold out.

You fear rejection, loneliness or claims that you’ve changed. You forfeit the opportunity to be great so you can please your peers.

4. Fleeting – Good things will not last.

You fear success will only be temporal. You believe that you will not be able to sustain it.

5. Perfectionism – I will have to behave as if I’m perfect.

You lock up your gifts and talents because you’re fearful of your imperfections being revealed. You do not give people the chance to accept you because you’ve already criticized yourself out of it.

6. Besiegement – You start doing things to prove you’re still who you were.

Fearful that people will not accept the new you. People will put pressure on you to stay low.

Every single one of those hit home for me.

I had an epiphany that in order to conquer my fears and stabilize my beliefs, I would have to..

Have faith in myself. Faith in my talents and abilities. Faith that I can be successful. Faith that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Become comfortable being uncomfortable. This whole process, new journey in life, is something I have never embarked on before, so of course it will be uncomfortable.

I made the choice NOT to stay stagnant for the sake of comfortability. I choose to believe in myself, not irrational beliefs.

Last thought:

I challenge you to think, which irrational belief is stopping you from going to the next level in a specific area in your life?

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