Self Care: What are self-care activities?

Every day you should do something that “fills your tank” or activity or task that focuses on you. Self-care doesn’t have to be a hassle or anything costly. How you practice self-care is up to you. The simple tasks done to practice self-care are known as self-care activities. Simply put, self-care activities are your personalized set of favorite activities and hobbies. Activities should be personalized to fit your needs, stressors, etc. You can do something as simple as sleeping in or something as extravagant as scheduling a massage for the day.

Self-care activities are tailored to your needs.

The point is to have FUN.

Throw your activities into three categories.

F-forget your comfort zone

U- unearth new parts of yourself

N- never neglect your needs

Forget your comfort zone

What are some things that you’ve always wanted to do? Bucket list activities. Be adventurous. Try some new things. When I was creating my list of FUN activities. I picked adventurous activities, within my budget, I also wrote down activities that I’ve enjoyed doing in the past.


Quick Road Trip


Ice Skating

Unearth new parts of yourself

While self-care is supposed to be fun, it can also be used as a way to improve. Remember self-care is what you make it. Your activities can be as complex or simple as you want.After being quarantined for months, I’ve put on a couple extra pounds and developed poor eating habits. One of my goals is to improve my eating habits and my overall physical health. Because self-care includes both mental and physical wellness, I included activities related to health and fitness.


Go for a walk

Cook a healthy meal

Never neglect your needs

People usually only practice self-care when it’s absolutely necessary after they reached the point of complete exhaustion. That’s not healthy. Don’t forget to refill your tank. Every day you should do something that “fills your tank” or activity or task that focuses on you. What are some activities or tasks that help you relax? I dedicated an hour every day to myself, free of all distractions. This is my time to feed my mind.


Recite Affirmations


Read a book


Do not just wait until the weekend to practice self-care.

Do not wear yourself thin or forget to refill your tank. Practice self-care every day with simple tasks or activities that focus on relaxing and recharging your mind.

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