HeavieTalk has one mission. Buckle up.

I love to write. I’m a natural born writer. Writing has primarily been a hobby of mine, a way to release my thoughts. Now I write with a bigger purpose. The reason I created HeavieTalk, specifically my blog is because I wanted to make a difference. I often say I am not a social media antagonist. My definition of a social media antagonist is a person who sits on social media all day critiquing everything that is wrong in the world, but does nothing to make a difference once they close the app. For a while, I was one of those people, until I realized that my rants on twitter weren’t making a difference.

I wanted to make a bigger impact, so I created HeavieTalk.

HeavieTalk has one mission.

The mission is to be informative, to stir up change, to challenge the status quo and most importantly to spread truth, peace and positivity.. HeavieTalk will not be your usual blog. I can’t classify my blog under any category (Lifestyle, mental health, beauty, sports, political.) Not enough attention and awareness is brought to topics that are important socially. I believe that the media is to blame. Is the media really focusing on the important, social issues? The media has a lot to do with why I created HeavieTalk and why I want to be a journalist. I have many problems with the media, but like Lebron James said: if you can’t beat them, join them!

The only way I can invoke change and fix what I see broken is by coming to the table and stepping into the field. I have two major concerns with the media..

1. Limited variety of outlets to receive news.

There are several media outlets but all of them are owned by six major conglomerates. These six conglomerates control the distribution of information (newspapers, news stations, etc.). The six conglomerates are National Amusements, Disney, Timewarner, Comcast, News Corp and Sony. I was in one of my Journalism classes, listening to my professor lecture when I initially learned about the six major conglomerates that control information distribution. My immediate thought was credibility. If essentially one conglomerate, one CEO, one entity owns most of the major outlets, how credible and partisan is the information distributed. From my perspective, we, the public, are not aware who specifically controls the major outlets, what happens behind the scenes and who these conglomerates have allies and allegiance with. Perhaps I watch too much television or maybe I’m paranoid but I question the validity and credibility of the media. As much as we want to believe that the media isn’t biased and does not withhold facts, I am not of that belief. Not only because six major conglomerates control all major media outlets, but also because of the presentation of news and the stories that are reported.

2. Distribution of information & the portrayal of certain groups

I strongly believe that how the media portrays certain groups and situations influences society and stereotypes associated with certain races & groups of people. Minorities are partially portrayed differently and targeted the most. The way African Americans are portrayed influences the marginalization of the community. African Americans are depicted to be loud, angry and aggressive criminals. The negative downfalls of our community are highlighted more than accomplishments and milestones.

If you immediately felt some type of way or disagreed with my stance… let go a bit further.

During the 2020 NFL draft, Tee Higgins, while a former WR at the University of Clemson, was being drafted instead of focusing on his accomplishments, ESPN exposed his mother’s past. The segment titled “Get To Know- Tee Higgins” detailed his hometown, academic career and athletic accomplishments, but that’s not all. The very last bullet point read “Mom, Camilla, fought drug addiction for 16 years” highlighting the rampant stereotype of black mothers on drugs. Tee Higgins took the high road about the situation when he tweeted in response to the public dismay at ESPN for bringing up his mother’s past.

I’m proud of my mom for turning her life around for me and my sister! I have no problem with them showing the world that my mom is a true fighter.

Although, he may not have a problem with it, I do. This is just one of many examples of how the media chooses to portray members of the black community.

I created HeavieTalk because I want to discuss these uncomfortable topics and challenge the status quo. I want to reverse negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with marginalized communities by creating a new image. I will focus on topics and situations that the media refuses to cover or covers poorly.. I want to spread truth, withholding all biases. I am ready for the the backlash, the debates and all else that comes with shaking the table.

Buckle up. 

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