Goodbye 2020

Today is the last day of the year.

Happy New Year’s Eve

This year has been overwhelming. From the global pandemic to the reignited Black Lives Matter Movement caused by countless murders of unarmed black people to the chaotic presidential election, the trauma and chaos never seemed to end. When Kobe passed in January, I had no idea the trauma and loss would continue the way it did.  This year will be one for the history books.

One day, we will tell our kids and grandchildren about what happened in 2020. Although it’s easy to point out all the bad that happened this year, this year had some good too. Speaking for myself, this year was full of self-growth and discovery. The downtime brought by quarantine gave me the perfect opportunity to work on myself and finish projects and ideas that I’ve always stalled on. HeavieTalk was birthed during quarantine.

My first blog post to launch HeavieTalk was “5 Ways College Students Are Being Affected by the Coronavirus”

Had this year not gone the way it did, there’s no telling when I would’ve found the courage to finally start HeavieTalk.

Saying Goodbye to 2020

Closeout this year on a celebratory note, recalling all the good memories you created this year and thinking of everything you hope to accomplish in the next.

Goodbye 2020

Before you say goodbye to this unprecedented year, write down all the positive things that happened in 2020. If you can’t think of much, simply making it to 2021 is something in itself.

Let’s get crafty

I love to do arts and crafts, so this is right up my alley. Create a photo book or scrapbook of all your memories from this year.

New Year Resolutions

I hate to be cliche and bring up “New Years Resolutions” but sometimes they actually make a real impact depending on the person’s commitment.

Thinking about 2021

What do you want to change in 2021? Personally or Professionally? What do you want in 2021? How will you accomplish getting what you want? What’s the plan?Those are just a couple questions to get you started.

Feel free to create your own as you go. The idea is to get you to think about your future.

Saying hello to 2021

Remember to be safe. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Cases are still surges, with the first case of the new strain of COVID-19 being found in the United States just this week. Let’s give ourselves a fair chance at having a “normal” 2021. Let me be the first to tell you.

You made it!

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