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Fun Self Care Activity: The Perfect Way To Practice Self-Care Everyday

The goal of self-care is to have fun while also relaxing, rejuvenating, and regrouping.The key to self-care is figuring out how you will actually practice self-care. Self-care activities are the best way to get the most success out of self-care.

Self-Care Activities

Simply put, self-care activities are your personalized set of favorite activities and hobbies. Self-care activities should be personalized to fit your needs, stressors, etc. Self-care isn’t just designated for the weekend.

You should practice self-care daily.

When thinking about how I would actually practice self-care in my life, I came up with a cool activity.This is a cool way to practice self-care every day, while also being spontaneous.

Self-Care Activity

You only need three items.

1. Writing utensil

2. 10 small pieces of paper

3. Container

Hopefully, you thought about your self-care activities already.

Let’s Brainstorm Self-Care Activities

Here’s where the work comes in. If you’re having trouble thinking of “self-care” activities, here are a couple of questions that may help guide you.

What are your favorite activities?

What do you enjoy doing?

What makes you relax?

What crafts do you like to do?

10 of My Self-Care Activities

  1. Meditation

  2. Face mask

  3. Paint & Sip

  4. Puzzle

  5. Go for a walk

  6. Get a mani-pedi

  7. Journal

  8. Write & recite new affirmations

  9. Cook a new meal

Now it’s your turn.

3 Steps

1. Write down a self-care activity on each piece of paper.

2. Put your pieces in a bucket/container.

3. Shake up your bucket.

Grab a paper & read it.

Have some fun.

This is a simple but fun way to practice self-care every day.  Self-care doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Take care of yourself daily.

You deserve it.

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