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Welcome to August.

The start of a new month.

August is centered around assessing your growth and affirming your mind.

Manifest the life and outcomes you desire with self-assessments and affirmations.


are statements that you write or say, which helps you to challenge and overcome negative thoughts.


your life, growth, development, and wellness.


August Affirmations

1. This is my month for new opportunities and blessings.

2. I am deserving of happiness.

3. I am releasing all of my fears.

4. I am manifesting everything that I desire.

5. I am stepping boldly into August.


We are more than halfway through the year. This year has been a roller coaster.

The chaos has been nonstop since early January.

When NBA legend Kobe Bryant died during a helicopter crash that took the life of 9 others, the world was grief-stricken. People from all walks of life were touched by the tragic and untimely deaths. The trying weeks that followed seemed like the worst life could get as the details of the crash unfolded.

As we continued to grapple with the tragedy the chaos began.

In March, life as we knew it ceased to exist.

The gradual spread of COVID-19 globally and in the United States, in Mid-March, lead to a global pandemic. Four months into the pandemic, life is still “different” with many fearing the unknown of the future.

In April, a decrease in new infections and coronavirus related deaths led many countries including the United States to create plans and guidelines for reopening. The United States officially reopened in June with all 50 states completing at least two of the four phases needed for reopening.

Less than one month after most countries lifted restrictions and reopened, there has been a global surge in new coronavirus infections across the world. According to WHO, the United States is one of three countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

Due to the surge in new infections across several states, new restrictions have been put in place. California, Texas, and Florida have phased back their reopenings and put new restrictions in place due to surges in new cases.



Despite the increase in new coronavirus infections globally within the past month, the world has continued to attempt to resemble some forms of normalcy. Most economies and governments have reopened. Professional sports leagues have restarted and stated their intention to restart with strict safety guidelines. Some middle schoolers are already back in school, while college students and others are anxiously awaiting plans and safety guidelines for a new academic year.

Looking to the future there is so much uncertainty, with a looming threat of a second outbreak, in addition to an important upcoming presidential election. Not to mention, the United States is on the verge of a social revolution, sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Voter Registration

The instability and tension within America is at an all-time.


We are living history.

I have closely documented every event both global and domestic this year. Five months ago when my university shut down, during the early days of the outbreak, I never imagined the world would eventually be in the midst of a global pandemic and social revolution with no end in sight.

How far we are from normalcy is evident this month.

August is symbolic. This month signifies summer is nearly over meaning it’s back to school time. Being a college student and last-minute procrastinator, this is usually my crunch time to pack up and spend my last few weeks with family until I return to campus.


August is much different this year.

Instead of packing up, preparing for a 12-hour road trip back to the illustrious North Carolina A&T for my senior year, I’m anxiously preparing for another semester with virtual instruction. I choose distance learning this semester because it’s the safest option for me. It was a difficult decision to make. Essentially choosing between my health or getting the highest form of education possible with in-person instruction.

The decision I was forced to make is one, thousands of students are making across the country. Whether to return to campus during a global pandemic or to opt-out choosing virtual instruction. Similar to the hard choice professional athletes have been making regarding playing this season.

We’re all being forced to make tough similar decisions.

Return to normal life, plans, and habits? OR Continue to practice social distancing and self quarantining?

When making important life-changing decisions, it's important to make them with a sound mind after evaluating all the facts.


Do not jump right into the month.

Before you get into the full swing of things, evaluate your life.

This month is all about assessment.

Assessing your growth, development and wellness.

How is your mental health? What is the state of your health and wellness? How is your life? Are you satisfied? Do you need to make changes or adjustments? Is there room for growth?


Dedicate some time for self-assessment

After you complete your self-evaluation or assessment, journal your thoughts or conclusions, and devise a plan for how you want to forward. Creating a plan is extremely important, in any and every capacity. Get your game plan together.

Stay Safe.

Be Well.

Mask Up.

I'm rooting for everybody that's black.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTayler



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