7 Step Guide To A Successful Self-Care Day

Life has been chaotic, to say the least.

The COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement sparked by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the recent shooting of Jacob Taylor, in addition to an ongoing presidential election and a recent spike in unemployment has left a psychological effect on all of us. Recent events have been overwhelming, to say the least.

With everything that’s been happening lately, it’s imperative to dedicate time to evaluate yourself and the toll recent events have had on you, in addition to taking some to relax, regroup and rejuvenate.

Get back on track with a self-care day.

What is a self-care day?

A self-care day is a designated day geared towards taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. A day filled with self-care activities based on an individual’s specific needs, stressors, and hobbies.

Self Care Day  is geared towards taking care of the mind, body and spirit.   A day filled with self-care activities based on an individual’s specific needs, stressors, and hobbies.

How you plan your self-care day is up to you.

Self- care days can be as informal or formal as you prefer.


My 7 Step Guide to A Successful Self-Care Day:


1. Log out

We ingest so many things everyday on social media subconsciously and consciously that impact our decision-making skills, values, habits, norms, etc. Social media impacts our psyche and mental health more than we realize. The constant updates, traumatizing, and triggering videos are detrimental to our minds.

Give your mind a break.

Stay off social media for a day. Log out.

If you can’t withstand social media for a day, do some deep evaluation and determine why it’s so challenging for you? Why do you constantly need to be connected and informed?


2. Turn off electronics

Electronic devices are distractions. Cell phones, specifically, have taken over the world. We miss so many meaningful moments and opportunities because we’re glued to our phones or miss the moment trying to capture it with our phones.

How much time do you spend on your phone a day?

If you have an iPhone, look at your Screen Time. Where do you spend most of your time?

Take some time for yourself.

Turn your phone or electronics off. If you can't turn them off, put them Silent or Do Not Disturb.

Allow yourself to be free from all distractions.


3. Get a full tank

You can’t operate on an empty tank, well you shouldn’t. Take care of your physical health, as well as your mental health.

Since it’s self-care day, treat yourself.

What’s your favorite meal, snack, or dessert?

Get it. You deserve it.


4. Relax your mind

Now that you’ve eliminated all distractions. Let’s start by clearing and centering your mind.


Try meditating. There are several different kinds of meditation and ways to meditate.

Beginner's Guide:

1. Find a place to meditate

Where do you feel most comfortable? Mediate in place you deem to be safe, quiet, and calm.

2. Set a time limit

It is likely that your mind will wander, so set a short time especially if you’re a beginner. 5-10 minutes.

3. Breathe

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Follow your breathing, it will help you stay focused and centered.

4. Wandering Mind

When you feel your mind or thoughts drifting, focus your attention on your breathing.

5. Close

Once you’re done do not immediately get up. Stay still for a second. Let your thoughts and mind settle.

Do you feel a difference in your mind or body? The key to mediation to breathing and controlling your thoughts.

Give mediation a few tries.

How to Meditate 7 Step Guide


5. Pamper yourself

When you look good, you feel good.

Pamper yourself.

This can be as simple as adding 10 minutes to your normal shower and putting on a comfortable and fly fit for the day.

Or if you can go the extra mile.

Give yourself a fresh shave. Get a wax.

Did you know that we hold all of our stress in our feet?

Get a manicure/pedicure. I know it’s a pandemic and money is tough, so DIY.

Wash your hair. Try a new look.

Even during times like these, it's important that we maintain ourselves. It may seem like a hassle or an unnecessary task but afterward, you’ll feel better.


6. Have Some Fun

What you do for this step is up to you.

Self-care day is all about relaxing, regrouping, and rejuvenating, so now it’s time for you to rejuvenate.

What is your favorite activity or hobby?

Going to the gym? Painting? Hanging out with friends? Drinking wine?

Whatever it is, do it.


7. Release your thoughts


Journaling is the perfect way to release any pit up emotions, feelings, or thoughts. It doesn't matter what you journal in, it’s up to you.

What you journal is most important.

Journaling is for you, it's composed of your personal and private thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Be as open as you can.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to journal or write to write, here are a few helpful tips.

Just like with meditation, set a time limit.

If you’re struggling with what to write about or where to start, these questions may help:

How did you sleep? How was your morning? How did you spend your day? What did you eat? How was your self-care day? How do you feel about recent world events?

That should give you enough to talk about until your time is up.

More likely, thank you you'll find that you didn't give yourself enough time to journal. If you need more time, extend it. This is for you.


Follow my 7 step guide and you will have a successful self-care day.


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