5 Obstacles I Turned Into Life Lessons

Life is full of obstacles.

Life is a rollercoaster.

Personally, I’ve found that it’s sometimes hard to navigate through life when obstacles keep getting in the way.

I always thought

"Why is this happening to me?”

The last year, in particular, has weighed on me a lot, causing me to do some self-assessment. I've started a deeper self-growth process. While going through my paradigm shift, I've changed my way of thinking.

Everything happens for a reason.

Life is full of lessons. I firmly believe that everything that happens in my life took place to teach me something.

Changed Mindset

I've been changing my thinking from “why is this happening?” to “what is this supposed to teach me?”


Yes, I know.

Changing your mindset is easier said than done.

Life Lessons

Since I'm a list person. I wrote a list of all "obstacles" in my life, including why I looked at them as obstacles and what I could learn from them.


Here are 5 "obstacles" or lessons I've learned.


This pandemic has made me realize the importance of having emergency funds, anything can happen.

The pandemic has caused a significant economic strain leaving millions unemployed. Many are relying on government assistance, but with Congress unable to agree many Americans are stuck having to figure it out themselves. We shouldn’t be in this predicament, but we are.

Growing up when it came to money management, my parents taught me to have an emergency fund that would last me at least 3 months, just in case anything were to ever happen.

Well, something has happened...this pandemic, but it’s lasted almost a year .. so now what??

Some people have already gone through their savings or emergency fund, while others never took heed of the importance of having one. No one predicted something like this so it's hard to prepare for it, but going forward I know how to move differently.

I’ve started to look at my income and expenses to figure out how I can save more in case of another rainy day.

Live in the moment

Now for religious reasons, I don’t live by the phrase YOLO but after this pandemic, I’m definitely living in the moment from now on.

I’ve always been a homebody extrovert. Going out socially has never been my thing. I’ve always preferred to be in the house doing crafty activities, like scrapbooking or reading and writing.

Now I’m ready to do it all. This pandemic has made me want to outside and do different things. If it wasn’t until I was forced to be in the house that I realized how much I haven’t seen or experienced because I've refused to venture out.

Cherish your loved ones

2020 was a year of loss. Almost 400,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the United States. I’ve seen the effects of COVID-19 both personally and in the world.

Moving on from the morbidness of death, COVID-19 has left me unable to visit my loved ones or friends like I normally would. The risk of potentially passing COVID-19 to my grandparents or close family members has been too great for me.

I’ve tried to social distance as much as possible to ensure everyone’s safety, but now I cherish every opportunity to be with my loved ones.

The importance of Mental Health

With the pandemic, social justice movement caused my police brutality and social injustice, mental health has finally become a topic of conversation.

For years, there's been a stigma associated the mental health, but the conversation has finally begun to change, as many have reported mental health challenges particularly in the last year.

Trigger Warning

According to the CDC, 2 in 5 Americans have reported dealing with anxiety, depression, increased substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts associated with COVID-19 and this global pandemic.

Publicly we’ve seen some celebrities admit to mental health challenges. A couple have even expressed experiencing suicidal thoughts.

2020 made me realize the importance of mental health. That's why I stress so much the importance of self-care. Taking care of your mind is essential. I practice self-care daily now.

Simple activities like going for a walk, meditating, yoga, or journaling are my forms of self-care.


2020 forced me to do some assessment. I realized a lot of things, about myself, my future, and the world itself. My self-assessment was the most meaningful.

I realized that I haven’t been reaching my full potential, mostly because of a lack of consistency and effort. I’ve never invested 100% in myself. To me, that means taking care of myself 100% emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

After my self-assessment, I sat down to create self-care plans, healthy eating plans, vision boards, 5-year letters, and other self-development activities and tasks.

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