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I created HeavieTalk because I am not a social media antagonist.. . People who sit on social media all day critiquing everything that's wrong in the world, but do nothing to make a difference once they close the app.

Heaven Charniece, Creator of HeavieTalk

Breaking It Down

HeavieTalk is a person.

HeavieTalk is a brand. Peace, positivity and truth with (tools or) fuel to live freely is the mission.

HeavieTalk is a safe platform. Blog posts and podcasts curated by me to empower you to challenge status quo.

Using the tools I have, I will make a difference.

My way of making of difference is advocating for social change by using my voice & power.

HeavieTalk, is my safe space and platform, to grow and share my creativity.

Heaven Charniece, Creator of HeavieTalk

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HeavieTalk is my creative platform. Blog posts, podcast episodes, travel vlogs, lost footage & more.


Listen to my podcast HeavieTalk available on all platforms. Tune in for heated discussions about sports, politics & more.


The blog covers my life as a millennial black college student living the HBCU experience in a world full of social media antagonists.


 Looking for help with your graphics, blogging or building your social audience, I may have the answers you need.

Book a 20 minute session to "Chop It Up with Heavie".